Who Am I?

Caroline Angel

I can’t remember exactly when I started writing stories, I know I was very young, maybe five or six, and even then it felt like I had always been doing it. I would write what I liked, and at that age it was dinosaurs and other animals. The first full-length novel that I read was a Star Trek hardbound book, and my love of science fiction began.


I can remember reading Black Beauty and the Silver Brumby series, and they fuelled my obsession with horses.

I read a few sci-fi/horror novels, and progressed to Stephen King’s Carrie. I wasn’t overly impressed, but did read others of his and soon became a fan. Various fantasy novels found their way into my library, and if a book combined science fiction, horror, and fantasy I was home.




I took a break from writing for many, many years, though occasionally I’d start a story I would only to put it aside without finishing.

I caught the writing bug again when I started reading fan fiction, writing a few of my own, and received great reviews. I then penned a few short stories and submitted them into competitions. I was fortunate enough to win or place highly, and took the leap to write a novel. The novel received several offers to publish it when it was only about a third of the way through, spurring me to finish and submit it. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history.