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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome book. Netflix why isn't this a series? Reviewed in Canada on 28 October 2021 Verified Purchase The title is ironic because I really want more! More of the citizens of the mall. More of Caroline Angel's writing. So well written, at times I literally couldn't put the book down.

January 2, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition
September 7, 2015
This is one creepy story. I haven’t read any slenderman tales before, and actually was prompted to do some research into the thing after it emerged that it was our bad guy. Caroline Angel creates mood very well, building up tension and suspense and drawing the reader into the tale with vivid descriptions.. At one point I thought the hopping back and forth between the 1960s and the present day became a little confusing with the relatively large numbers of names and characters and who was related to who, but it all came out in the end and didn’t spoil the scary tension. Genuinely effective. I’d be happy to read more by this writer.

If you’re a horror fan. If you like it in your face. You’ll love this one

When a commercial passenger flight comes down, killing all on board, footage from the scene displays the shocking cause of the disaster. A small-town sheriff and two big city detectives soon find themselves in an intergalactic battle to protect The Destroyer of Worlds. With monsters around every corner and an alien menace closing in, Origin of Evil is an action-packed blend of science fiction and horror unlike anything you’ve read before.

“Origin of the Evil indeed amalgamate all the good components of a fantasy, sci-fi and a thriller. The book opens with Nick being awaken by Cotter to give him the breaking news being covered by all media channels; ‘a plane crash’. But right before the crash, the pilot happens to have announced the object it clashed with to be an UFO. And thus begins the wild ride! The story line not only instantly grabs your attention at but makes sure to keep you engaged throughout. Caroline’s writing style is effortless and gives the pacing a natural flow. The events are punchy to say the least. That combined with an intriguing narrative makes this novel a HIT. This novel is adventurous and exciting. It will have your adrenaline pumped throughout.”

Book One in a series of at least three books, released through Red Cape Publishing. This is a story I started many, many years ago, now rewritten and updated, and featuring characters from my short fiction works. I do hope you enjoy it, and would love to know what you think.

Five years have passed. Five years of good health, happiness, and absolutely nothing creepy in the woods of Campbelltown. All it takes is one tree to fall, and things get pretty scary. The Curse Awakens is the much requested sequel to Madman Across the Water, and it brings back all the characters from the first book, along with all of the things that made them scared to go near the woods. The body count is mounting, and this time the curse threatens to grow until it takes far more than the people of this quaint town. Can they stop the creature before it’s too late? Can they find who called the creature back? this time, there’s more to worry about, with the spirits of those that were murdered coming back to finish what was started all those generations ago.

With the Destroyer of Worlds still missing and evil lurking around every corner, the Guardians and their human helpers find themselves in a brutal fight to save The Dahn. With creature attacks on the rise and a shocking betrayal within their own ranks, time is running out. The past and the present collide in Origin of Evil: Beginnings as the true nature of The Dahn is revealed and the consequences of the past return to haunt her. Will the truth be her undoing in this action packed sequel to Origin of Evil?

OMG! This is just … wow, I’m speechless! Finding out where Angie came from is awesome, and the end, damn it,  left me breathless! I hope the author is writing as I write this, I need part three now!!!!

Something is happening to the people of Earth. Something sinister, something unimaginable. What is causing it? Why are men and women affected differently? How can they save themselves, and can they find a way, a place, an ability to Exist?

TRIGGER AND CONTENT WARNING!!!!! This book contains graphic violent scenes of physical and sexual abuse.