work in progress




I have finished a book and submitted it to the publisher. This one is a little different for me, in the fact that I have set it in Australia, in towns close to where I actually live. It follows a young lady, Sarah, who finds a box of fortune telling cards. These are no ordinary cards, they are cursed with a very powerful horror. Sarah finds no one she knows is safe, as the cards make her every nightmare come true. This book also differs from my usual style in that I only have one main character, instead of a cast of many. Though Sarah does have some help, the story focuses on her and her battle to save her friends and family and destroy the curse that has fallen upon her. 

This book has been accepted for publication, hoping for March/April release.


No longer a work in progress! See my “BOOKS” page for details on how to purchase.


No title on this one yet. I seem to have problems with titles, everything I can think of has already been taken.

Edit – Working Title is ‘Exist’. (I think this may change, if I write a sequel to Less then I may use this title).

Once again I have a cast of many, but plan to cut them down one by one, hopefully to a frightening and bloody death as they struggle to fight something they can’t understand. People are going crazy, turning on each other in a terrible frenzy of mindless cannibalism. Who is next to die? Who is next to turn? What other horrors await the survivors?